Organizational Consulting

Organizational Development (OD) Consulting is about change. It embraces the social and behavioral sciences in service to individual and organizational growth. To explore and experiment with ways to make the system function with less pain, greater communication and understanding.

“ Organizational Development is an effort (1) PLANNED, (2) ORGANIZATION WIDE, and (3) MANAGED FROM THE TOP, to (4) INCREASE ORGANIZATION-WIDE EFFECTIVENESS and HEALTH through (5) PLANNED INTERVENTIONS in the organizations “PROCESSES”, using BEHAVIORAL- SCIENCE knowledge.” Joan Gallos, “Organizational Development” 2006, John Wiley and Sons

OD projects often are undertaken to address a pain or dysfunction in:

  • management strategy
  • organizational climate relative to individual or environmental needs
  • change in culture
  • change in structure or roles
  • intergroup collaboration
  • opening up communications
  • better planning
  • problems of merger or reorganization
  • changes in workforce motivation
  • adaptation to a new environment or challenge