About Me

I have built my Coaching and Consulting practice on the foundation of 35 years involvement with our family business. I am a 4th generation manager owner of family businesses that were founded between 1810 and 1890. Today they are consolidated and I serve as President and CEO of the holding company. Our major commercial entity, the W.H. Shurtleff Company, was a wholesale distribution company sold in 1996 , we also have commercial real estate holdings and marine construction and supply sales operations today.

With the sale of the Shurtleff Company I began the training for and development of my Coaching and Consulting practice that I launched for hire in 2006. Since then I have regularly served clients in management development, transition of family assets from generation to generation, conducted business and strategic planning processes and coached managers for better outcomes.

My training began at the Gestalt International Study Center on Cape Cod in 1999 learning their Cape Cod model of intimate and group systems. I have continued studying with the center annually to the present. I have received certifications in Coaching (2006) and Mediation (2007) from University of Southern Maine and in Organizational Development Consulting from Peter Smith Associates (2011). Additional Coaching trainings with the Harvard Medical School (2008-2011) have broadened my exposure to the international levels of practice.

My approach to working with clients relies heavily on helping the client build on what is working well and what the desired outcome is for that client. Using tried and true processes to discover as well as creative approaches makes each relationship and project a unique undertaking. Bringing clarity and focus to current situations. Questioning the forces and truths, asking for options that might be considered build on the clients true energy and interest.

Typically a working relationship is 6-10 hours for a defined issue and a bit longer for undefined issues. Usually working face to face, though phone and email sessions have their place, we explore the possibilities and the barriers or hurdles to accomplishing the desired outcome. We can spend time looking at relationships that aid and hinder progress. We may attend to skill development and training if that is needed. Generally I will provide meeting summaries to aid in finding the foundation elements and to mark progress.

I offer an hour of introduction at no charge as a way for potential clients to meet me and for me to meet them and understand the issues and to determine if there is a fit.

I would be very pleased to work with business owners looking at the next step, families in business, siblings in business, families with real estate in transition, managers or management teams. Business plans, budgets, strategic plans, manager training for promotion and performance coaching are core areas of work I can provide.